If Camping Can go Wrong, It Will go Wrong!

If it Can go Wrong, It Will go Wrong!It is so rewarding when a camp trip goes according to plan. You have managed to fit everything into the car with ease, the kids are happy and behaving, the journey is relaxed with little or no traffic, the weather is glorious and once you arrive, pitching your tent goes like a dream. You wake up in the morning to the sound of birdsong, blue skies and sit back to enjoy a stress free break with fellow campers. But Murphy’s Law states that if it can go wrong, it will go wrong, and often when it comes to camping… Murphy is right!

  • The number of times it takes you to successfully back your caravan onto your pitch is directly proportional to how many people are watching you do it at the time.
  • Waterproof matches will light under any weather condition except under clear blue skies, on a calm day, with the temperature in the mid 70s.
  • The best pitch in the campsite is always the one right next to you… and already taken!
  • Wind velocity will increase based on how many matches you have left in the box when you try to light the fire, or how many paper plates you have laid out on the table.
  • Your electric hook up will either be a foot too short, have the wrong end on it, or be missing altogether when it time comes to hook up.
  • Everything you carefully packed to go camping will have magically doubled in size when it the time comes to pack it away again to go home.
  • The group of campers who arrives first is always the loudest.
  • The group of campers who arrives last will automatically try to take that title away from the group who arrived first.
  • The fish will stop biting the day you get to the lake.
  • The mosquitoes will start biting the day you get to the lake.
  • When the weather forecaster says that there s a 50% chance of rain, he means that chances are it will rain for 50% of the time you are camping  and 100% of the rain will fall during the day.
  • The likelihood that it will rain is based on whether or not you’ve just discovered a rip in the roof of the tent you’re sleeping under.
  • If it Can go Wrong, It Will go Wrong!Your air mattress will only spring a leak between the hours of 1am and 6am.
  • The only rocks larger than a walnut in the entire county will be 2 inches below the surface of the ground, and precisely where you need to drive a tent peg.
  • Only when you are settled, snug and warm in your sleeping bag will your little one need to go to the toilet….. desperately!
  • The item you can’t find, but desperately need, is either in the shed, in your garage, or on the kitchen table at home.
  • A bad week of camping is still better than a good day at work.
  • The kids are guaranteed to trip over the guy ropes at least 5 times in the first hour.
  • No matter where you sit around the campfire the smoke will change direction in be in your face momentarily.
  • When you think you have the coldest beer in the camp site, some else will show up with a colder one.
  • The likelihood that you’ll drop a lantern and break the mantle depends on how many spare mantles you have.
  • As soon as you set up paper plates on the picnic table, a gust of wind will come up and blow them all over the camp ground.
  • If the forecast for the weekend calls for sunshine with no chance of rain, You know that the worst storm of the summer will hit during that weekend.
  • The fish are always biting hard on whatever you do not have in your tackle box at the time
  • If you check your  torch batteries before you leave because you think it might need charging they will be fine, if you don’t check them because you know they are fine – they will be dead.
  • You will be bitten by a mosquito on the only part of your body the insect repellent missed!
  • It will rain hard, but only long enough to soak everything, immediately after the wind blows the tent down.
  • If it Can go Wrong, It Will go Wrong!Average temperature increases or decreases with the amount of clothing brought.
  • The sun sets three-and-a-half times faster than normal when you’re trying to set up camp.
  • The loudness of your tent mate’s snoring during night grows in direct correlation to your need for sleep.

Authour: Rosie Austin

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