Camping in Autumn/Winter

Camping in Autumn/Winter with helpful camping tips from campers experiences that will make camping in these cooler seasons more enjoyable.

We all know that camping in Fall/Winter is a beautiful time of year but it also means your camping experience will be quite a bit more wet and cold. In most areas you need to plan and prepare for this chill factor. These camping in Autumn/Winter tips and advice from other campers experience’s should help you make the right plan to action so you can get outdoors and enjoy these beautiful seasons.

Winter Camping Clothing Checklist Thumbnail

Winter Camping Clothing Checklist

When winter camping, dress in layers so you can easily adjust your clothes to regulate body moisture and temperature. Three types of layers are considered normal: a liner layer against your skin (undergarments), an insulation layer (fleece or wool), and a water/wind proof outer layer (outerwear). Winter Clothing to take when Camping: For winter camping, don’t pack cotton clothing. Cotton lo

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Camping in Romania: Don’t Forget the Camping Essentials Thumbnail

Camping in Romania: Don’t Forget the Camping Essentials

I live in Romania, to be more specific Transylvania. It's a beautiful location full of mountains, plains and hills. I don't want to bore you with details about the beautiful green grass in the summer or the pure white snow in the winter. It's a great place, and I live right in the middle of it. A few days ago I and some friends decided to pick up our bikes and go camping in a forest nearby. I took

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Camping Ayers Rock, Australia: The Coldest Night of my Life! Thumbnail

Camping Ayers Rock, Australia: The Coldest Night of my Life!

There are many benefits to camping that makes it appealing to both young and old. Not only is it an affordable way to travel and visit new places,but  there are some places of such true, natural beauty, where only camping will do! No other way can you experience the wonders of this planet and the unique bond that man has with nature. A romantic view I know, but for me  - and my slightly less ent

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Camping Christmas Wish List Thumbnail

Camping Christmas Wish List

You know, as much as we all love camping, it’s a fact that just about nobody spends the Christmas in the wilds: you have to come in for all the celebrations, even if you spent the odd evening pitching your tent in your front room or bedroom (like me!) to extend the camping season that much longer! And winter doesn’t mean that we just forget about camping or that there aren’t any campers on o

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Storing and Making use of your Camping Gear in Winter Thumbnail

Storing and Making use of your Camping Gear in Winter

As camping season comes to an end, you're probably going to put your gear into storage until next year. Here are some tips for storing and making use of your camping gear in winter. This way when spring returns, you won't have any nasty surprises and also some ideas on how you can make use of some of your gear around the house. All camping gear should be cleaned before storing for the winter. I am

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Over Pack When Camping/Hiking the Himalayas, Nepal Thumbnail

Over Pack When Camping/Hiking the Himalayas, Nepal

I have one - and only one - rule for camping and hiking the Himalayas, Nepal. Over pack. Short and sweet. Stupidly easy to follow. So why does no one pay attention to me? “It’ll hurt my back.” “I won’t be able to find my stuff.” “It’s unnecessary! I’d never use half of the stuff anyway!” Camping and Hiking the Himalayas, Nepal Ignore them. Over pack. Over pack. Over pack

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