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About CampTripWhy we Started CampTrip

We started CampTrip.com in 2010 to create a camping site available to all camping enthusiasts and lovers of the outdoors. CampTrip is aimed to become a useful and informative camping website made by campers for campers. We believe that the best camping information and advice comes from the people that make camping part of their lifestyle. The best camping tips you can ever have are tips from a camper who has had real hands on camping experience. By having a camping site with information from experienced campers from all over the world; CampTrip.com offers the most diverse and useful camping information all in one convenient place. After all, not one camper knows everything about camping, but a countless group of camping enthusiasts will be able to share a wealth of camping knowledge.

CampTrip Writing Contest

If you would like to share your camping knowledge or expertise please enter our writing contest. You could win one of 3 Visa Gift Cards worth up to $100! Plus, your entry may be published up on the CampTrip.com website to help other campers. Please enter your camping advice, tips, reviews, how to’s, experience or anything else camping related in our writing contest. Remember, you make CampTrip.com what it is, any contributions will help it grow.

We hope you enjoy CampTrip.com and help us reach the potential we know CampTrip.com has. Thank you for reading and getting involved. If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to send us an e-mail at [email protected] we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet the CampTrip Team!

Happy Camping!

Kaitlyn & Jeremy
(Founders of CampTrip)

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