What is Camping

What is Camping? Why do people go camping? How can I go Camping? What are the different types of camping? Here you will find a clear description on what camping is and why it is loved by so many.

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Love-Hate Relationship With Camping

I have a love-hate relationship with camping. There are so many aspects which I dislike: the constant closeness that you have with members of your family, the mile long walks to the toilet in the middle of the night, the fact that you wake up cold no matter how snug you were when you drifted off to sleep, the unwavering ability to hear everything that is going on in the campsite at every time of t

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Camping Cues

Camping is in my blood. From the time I was just an infant, my parents took me camping, along with my two younger brothers as they joined the family. We lived in the near-wilderness of Northwestern Montana, where the emerald pines stretch as far as the eye can see, and the sky is so close it seems you could dip your finger in it and taste the fresh mountain air. Now I have my own children, aged

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Triple ‘C’ It’s a Camping Life for Me!

Camping should always be a fun and enjoyable experience and if this isn't case, then something has clearly gone wrong somewhere. Now I think that it is fair to say that not everyone warms to the idea of nature in all it's glorious dirt and meyhem, but it really is possible to put all that aside and take a hold of the bigger picture. From past experiences, I have come up with three phrases which

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Is Camping For You?

Camping is one of my and life’s great pleasures and as I found it can become very addictive! It’s a chance to get out into the countryside alone or with your family and really commune with nature. It’s something that’s just as much fun for beginners as it is for those like me, who’ve been camping for years. You will either love it or hate it! Below i will share with you some of my many p

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What They Don’t Tell You About Camping

So you're ready for your first camping trip. You've gone through your checklist, and everything is accounted for. You've practiced setting up your tent in the back garden and you've become familiar with using the rest of your camping gear. The cooler is packed with food and drinks, and your first aid kit is stocked. Everything is accounted for, including the kids who are anxiously waiting in the b

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Camping Noises

There is something unique when camping that you can't get anywhere else. Camping noises. There are so many different noises you hear when camping. Being out in nature and with your family and friends stirs up so many great/not so great noises. Below, are some of the noises I am familiar with when I take a trip out camping. Camping Noises the Good and the Bad. The house is locked up, windows shut

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Then and Now Camping Gear Infographic

We all know that camping has been around for centuries but we often forget how far it has come in that time. This is a great infographic by EMS comparing then and now camping gear. Sometimes getting back to the REAL basics are great. I'm sure glad we have advanced in some areas making camping a better overall experience. Check out the latest camping gear from EMS.com Enjoy camping in the

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Real Camping

All of my childhood days I believed camping meant that you took out your raggedy old sleeping bag, walked up into the woods, and slept on the ground under the stars to the melodic beauty of crickets and Katy-Dids. This was in the beautiful mountains of western Maryland. Real camping was what I did all my childhood days. Camping as You Know It I then lived in Arkansas for fifteen months and these

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