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Camping Discussions: Here you can ask questions about camping and get the answers from fellow campers. You can also get involved in camping discussions and share your thoughts with the outdoor community. Or, help answer our questions about camping.

CampTrip is a place for everyone to contribute what they know or would like to know about camping or the general outdoors. It is a place for the outdoor community to share and learn from others expertise, knowledge and experiences. If every camper shared what they know or have learned it would offer a wealth of knowledge to all those who love the outdoors. This resource of information and helpful campers in the outdoor community would make the outdoors a more enjoyable and exciting experience for everyone. So, don’t be shy get involved! We all have the same passion and look forward to hearing what you have to say!

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Should Camping be Free?

Should Camping Be Free? Benefits & Downsides of Free Campsites Every avid camper knows about those secret, free campsites. I am sure you know what I am talking about. When my girlfriend and I traveled through Australia we got a thrill out of spotting a nice free campsite somewhere. With a campervan it was easy to just ‘hide’ somewhere in a parking lot or some national park. Some state

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