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“Hiking Along” with Jennifer Thumbnail

“Hiking Along” with Jennifer

I stumbled across the site Hiking Along and loved what it was promoting. I arranged to have an interview with Jennifer, the founder, to learn more about her and the program to share with you. Meet Jennifer Jennifer is a fun, full of energy, teacher and mother of two – to put it simply.  She is an involved, loving mother of two, her daughter ten, and son six. Jennifer is very active in eve

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Getting Social with Social Hiking Thumbnail

Getting Social with Social Hiking

I was fortunate enough to arrange an interview with Phil from Social Hiking the other day and he turned my already curious demeanor about the product into a full blown obsession. Getting Social with Social Hiking: About Phil Sorrell Phil lives in a cozy town in Northampton UK and works as a web developer under the name of Wheredidthetigergo. When he's not busy working, he likes to get outd

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