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Choosing the right campsite is one of the most important factors in ensuring you end up having the camping trip you are after. It is important to do you research and look into the campsite you are thinking of camping in. Make sure the campsite has the amenities you require and read what the campsite offers in the way of location, activities in the area and features. This is the best way to ensure you get to the campsite you are expecting and will not leave you disappointed upon arrival. If you only go camping once and a while you will want to make sure you pick the right campsite for you, a campsite that will ultimately give you a satisfying and enjoyable camping experience.

Camping Doesn’t Have to Include an Uncomfortable Sleep Thumbnail

Camping Doesn’t Have to Include an Uncomfortable Sleep

Have you ever heard the saying "you can't have your cake and eat it too"?  Well, I like to think that I can.  Most people accept the fact that camping lacks a lot of the luxuries that we are used to at home. After all, that very fact is what makes camping so special. However, I have figured out a way to balance both, at least in regards to sleeping. Camping doesn't have to include an uncomfortab

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Camping in British Columbia, Canada Thumbnail

Camping in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia plays host to some of the best campsites I have ever visited. Camping in British Columbia, Canada has such a variety of landscapes that the camper can take their pick of the best sites. Bike camping, backpacking or car camping, BC is a camper's paradise. BC offers Great Parks - Like Ruckle Park Ruckle Park on the South East tip of Salt Spring Island is an Oceanside gem. My girlf

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Camping in Wells Gray Provincial Park: A Little Piece of Heaven Thumbnail

Camping in Wells Gray Provincial Park: A Little Piece of Heaven

Who would have thought by Googling "Where is it sunny in Vancouver" we'd find the best Park closer to Vancouver, BC then Banff, AB. It was raining in Vancouver as usual...and we wanted to getaway and go camping. We discovered that Wells Gray Provincial Park wasn't as grey as the name indicated. We drove 5 hrs up into Wells Grey Provincial Park to the Clear Water Lake Campsite. On the way we saw a

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Should Camping be Free? Thumbnail

Should Camping be Free?

Should Camping Be Free? Benefits & Downsides of Free Campsites Every avid camper knows about those secret, free campsites. I am sure you know what I am talking about. When my girlfriend and I traveled through Australia we got a thrill out of spotting a nice free campsite somewhere. With a campervan it was easy to just ‘hide’ somewhere in a parking lot or some national park. Some state

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Camping at Fraser Island, Australia Thumbnail

Camping at Fraser Island, Australia

Welcome To Paradise Midway up Australia’s Pacific Coast, Fraser Island offers a landscape you won’t see anywhere else in the world –majestic rainforests rooted in sand dunes, crystal clear lakes surrounded by snowy white sand, and seventy-five miles of uninterrupted ocean beaches flanked by dunes and brilliantly colored sand cliffs.  A piney-eucalyptus fragrance blankets Fraser Island, the

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Camping Taman Negara Endau-Rompin, Malaysia Thumbnail

Camping Taman Negara Endau-Rompin, Malaysia

While we were in Malaysia we hesitantly decided that we were going to try camping Taman Negara Endau-Rompin, we were very worried that our lack of camping experience/expertise would put us at a disadvantage during this trip. Elliot had greater concerns about lions, tigers and bears - illusions of a Wizard of Oz adventure. We come from a country (New Zealand) where the only poisonous creature they

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Top Spooky Campsites to Visit on Halloween Thumbnail

Top Spooky Campsites to Visit on Halloween

There is a reason why people like to gather around a campfire to tell scary stories. Stories are even spookier when they are told in the right atmosphere. Taking a trip to a spooky campsite can help get your entire family into the Halloween spirit. Whether you take an RV and set up camp for a few days or stop by for an afternoon, these trips will be fun and educational for the entire family. De

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WOWO Campsite Puts the “Wow” Back in Camping Thumbnail

WOWO Campsite Puts the “Wow” Back in Camping

The campground was pleasantly busy with kids running around, swinging on ropes from the trees with the sun slowly setting over the tree tops - giving this idyllic location a perfectly warm summer glow. Underlying this picture perfect scene was the scent of campfires and barbecues from parents preparing dinner. Our WOWO Campsite Camping Experience This is the sight we stumbled upon when we emerge

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