Camping Noises

There is something unique when camping that you can’t get anywhere else. Camping noises. There are so many different noises you hear when camping. Being out in nature and with your family and friends stirs up so many great/not so great noises. Below, are some of the noises I am familiar with when I take a trip out camping.

Camping NoisesCamping Noises the Good and the Bad.

The house is locked up, windows shut, fish fed, the cats feel secure under the watchful eye of a neighbour  –  a cupboard full of food and treats helps!
The car has been packed, unpacked, then packed again.
The kids and I have had our last bath for the week , unless standing in a bucket of warm soapy water, in a tent – with a flannel and a jug of water poured over your head can be classed as a bath ?
There’s wine in the cool box and the petrol tank is full so… off we go!
I’m not a very confident driver, so looking out for road signs just adds to my distractions. I’m much happier listening to the cute little voice on my Sat Nav, she calms me down and directs me to our newest adventure!
With the battle of the motorway behind us, along with the conversations and constant questions from my girls…
‘’Are we there yet Mum?’’
‘’How long?’’
‘’About 20 minutes!’’
‘’How many miles is that?’’
We arrive safely, pitch up, unpack, set up.
The views are breathtaking, the weather is balmy… It’s been a long day.
Time to kick back and relax with a glass of wine while the kids run off excitedly to explore the campsite!
Bedtime approaches. Bellies filled with marshmallows and hot chocolate. Its time to retire.
As we snuggle down in our camp beds, cosy and warm, sleeping bags zipped, pillows plumped, I begin to drift away… any of this sound familiar?
At this point, what comes next, I hear you ask?
Well, there are certain noises that can be heard around the campsite at night time, when your comfortable and relaxed  – here’s what I mean…

Camping NoisesThings That you Would Like to Hear Camping:

  •  A gentle breeze whispering through the leaves  in the trees around you.
  • The patter of  light rain falling from above.
  • The sound of crickets and grasshoppers dancing through the long grass that lines the field.
  • Gentle mellow tunes being strummed on a guitar.
  • Delicate whispers from fellow campers, bidding one another ‘Goodnight’
  • Children laughing softly as they are tucked in with their lanterns.

Things That You Would Not Like to Hear Camping:

  • Thunder!
  • ‘’Mum, I’m desperate for the toilet!!!’’
  • Growling, heavy breathing or scratching outside your tent  – fox alert!
  • Your neighbours snoring loudly  or the loud sounds of flatulence  coming from their tent.
  • The strange sounds that come with creatures, wildlife or humans mating!!
  • Kids using pots and pans for percussion to accompany the guitar!
  • “Mum, I was desperate for the toilet, but it’s too late now!’’

Funny as it may seem, camping noise can both infuriate and captivate campers!
Blaring radios and barking dogs can drive you to distraction, whilst sounds of nature and twigs snapping underfoot can leave you feeling relaxed and at peace with the camping world!

Happy Camping!

Author: Rosie Austin
(The CampTrip Team)


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  • Marlee says:

    Okay my sister and I are scared because we were camping in a tent outside our yard in the grass. We heard some realllllllllllllllllllly freaky noises and we got SUPER scared and thought there was someone watching us, it sounded like a crackling sound maybe like footsteps and taping on our tent..:( We never figured out what it was but it scared the pants off us! I suspect it was one of our annoying brothers…We still laugh about it to this day:)

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