Triple ‘C’ It’s a Camping Life for Me!

Triple 'C' and a Camping Life for Me!Camping should always be a fun and enjoyable experience and if this isn’t case, then something has clearly gone wrong somewhere.
Now I think that it is fair to say that not everyone warms to the idea of nature in all it’s glorious dirt and meyhem, but it really is possible to put all that aside and take a hold of the bigger picture.
From past experiences, I have come up with three phrases which I call the “Triple C”.
These will hopefully help you, as readers, overcome your unwillingness to go camping. Hopefully one day soon, like myself, you too will be a happy camper!

First of all, a ‘C’ which I like to call Commitment is one of the key things to be considered. This means, despite your previous, negative thoughts on camping, you commit yourself to taking part in as much of what the camp has to offer. Sitting around, choosing to do nothing clearly will result in a boring experience and who wants that?  Taking part in the activities, however messy, all adds to the enjoyment of camping.

Secondly a ‘C’ which I call Clarity and by this I mean an understanding of the situation and why you are there in the first place. Hopefully no one has forced you to go camping and even so, I would question as to whether you were being forced or encouraged. Friends, family members, randomers on the internet, all who encourage you to go camping, do it for a common good and that’s to see you take hold of the benefits of a camping experience. Triple 'C' and a Camping Life for Me!Having fun,meeting weird and wonderful people, making new friends are all inclusive perks of camping. So in short, understanding that camping does you a world of good may spark an interest in you to give it a go.

Last but certainly not least, the final ‘C’ which stands for  Craziness. This is pretty much self-explanatory and if you still don’t understand, it means go absolutely CRAZY! Camping is a time and a place where you can freely let yourself out of your comfort zone. Try things you normally wouldn’t try (legal things) and just let yourself loose. And if you still after reading this, have a S.R.A (Stinking Rotten Attitude) towards camping yet are still being ‘forced’ to go, you may look on the positive side of getting a good laugh from those other campers who may seem to be utter weirdos but who are really just having the time of their lives.


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