Over Pack When Camping/Hiking the Himalayas, Nepal

Camping and Hiking the Himalayas, NepalI have one – and only one – rule for camping and hiking the Himalayas, Nepal.
Over pack.
Short and sweet. Stupidly easy to follow. So why does no one pay attention to me?
“It’ll hurt my back.”
“I won’t be able to find my stuff.”
“It’s unnecessary! I’d never use half of the stuff anyway!”

Camping and Hiking the Himalayas, Nepal

Ignore them. Over pack. Over pack. Over pack. I sound like a commercial. Go against your instincts. Shove your whole house onto your back. I don’t care. Just make sure your bag is bursting at the seams.
Pack extra food, extra batteries, extra matches, extra water bottles.
Most importantly (and please take me seriously here): PACK EXTRA CLOTHES.
Or else you will end up like me: in a snow storm, on a mountain in the Himalayas, slowing freezing your butt off in the sub-zero winds.
Let me make myself clear: 8 layers and the warmest sleeping bag in the world are simply just not sufficient when the wind is biting through your tent. Nor will three hats and two scarves do you any favors when the snow has caused your tent roof to hover half an inch above your poor little nose. Bring 20 layers. Bring 30 hats. Bring 50 scarves.
So sure, if you’re camping and hiking the Himalayas, Nepal buy expensive camping gear (it’s worth it), but buy a heck of a lot of it.
You’ll need it.

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