General Camping

General Camping: Here are some useful camping tips which will help you make your next camping trip the best one yet! No topic in particular… just important stuff you should and want to know! Add to your knowledge with these handy general camping tips!

How to: Go Camping With Your Dog Thumbnail

How to: Go Camping With Your Dog

Would you like to go camping or hiking with your dog but would like to know a bit more about how to prepare for it before you go? CampTrip has thought of nearly everything you might need to know to take your dog camping. Whether this is your first time taking your dog camping or if your an expert, these articles should power you with all the knowledge you need to know to take your dog wit

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Camping in Murree, Pakistan Thumbnail

Camping in Murree, Pakistan

If you live in North America or elsewhere in the world you might never think to go camping in Pakistan or never know that people in Pakistan enjoy camping as a leisure activity. In fact Pakistan is a beautiful country with incredible landscapes where you can camp. I often go camping in Muree, Pakistan with my family. Yes, Pakistan is not always the easiest place to camp, but, with my advice below,

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5 Tips to Remember on Your Next Camping Trip Thumbnail

5 Tips to Remember on Your Next Camping Trip

I'm sure every camper has their own list of things to avoid in order to ensure that their camping trip is the most fulfilling and enjoyable experience ever. However, I would like to share five of my own tips to remember on your next camping trip. I have gathered them first-hand from several hastily put-together camping trips, which didn’t turn out quite the way that I had planned. 5 Tips to Rem

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Camping for Dummies Thumbnail

Camping for Dummies

Camping is an adventure for the outdoors-types without having to get too dirty. Most campgrounds offer amenities like restrooms, showers, nice campfire areas, wood for fires, electrical hook-ups and more. But at every campground there still seems to be somebody who wants to play "mountain man", in accordance with the wild west and frontier stories of bygone days. There has to be a certain respe

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Essential Camping Tips to Ensure a Better Trip Thumbnail

Essential Camping Tips to Ensure a Better Trip

The first time I went camping, I was very scared. I thought I was going to be bit by bugs, eaten by a bear, or, at the very least, get too cold . But it turns out that camping is as easy as 1-2-3. If you need a break away from your regular life, it's always nice to get out into nature for awhile. Essential Camping Tips: 1. Starting a Campfire Campfires are essential to camping, you don’t want

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Camping with a Positive Attitude Thumbnail

Camping with a Positive Attitude

Camping requires a lot of forethought, from location to logistics, food to friends and tents to tactical teamwork. Sometimes, the details can overwhelm the fun of the trip! With all the helps and hints - even technological advances - through the years that have made this American pastime so great, it has never been a more comfortable time to camp. From fifth wheels, campers, trailers or good ol

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Finding Your Tent in the Dark at Music Festivals Thumbnail

Finding Your Tent in the Dark at Music Festivals

Music festivals usually last for two or three days; the campsites are characterized by fields covered in tents. So how do you find your tent after dark? Here are my tips for finding your tent in the dark at music festivals. Tips For Finding Your Tent: Flashlight or Torches- Take a torch (flashlight) or head torch with you when you go to the music arena so that you have a way to see after dark

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