14 Essential Camping Supplies

Essential Camping SuppliesThese are Essential Camping Supplies that my family either took and found really useful or didn’t take and wished we had.

Some Essential Camping Supplies:

    1. A kitchen unit- to house the cooker, crockery, utensils, etc. to help keep the floor clear.
    2. A picnic rug– makes a good rug inside the tent.
    3. A sturdy metal fold-up table with separate chairs– Having an all in one camping table and chairs is not a good idea if, like my husband, you’re over 6 foot and if, like me, you have long legs. They are so uncomfortable!
    4. A door mat to put just inside the tent to wipe feet on– Our friends didn’t have one and their tent floor got very grubby and, of course, wet when it rained!
    5. Sturdy string and pegs to make your own washing line– We attached ours from a tree to the tent and it was strong enough to hang up towels.
    6. Air mattresses– We started with a double blow-up mattress and found it took up too much room and wasn’t very comfortable. We ended up buying two thinner air mattresses, perfectly comfortable and more practical.
    7. Blankets– to put between mattress and sleeping bag which makes it warmer and more comfortable.
    8. Take a familiar blanket and soft toy– for your child/ren to make them feel safe in their sleeping environment.
    9. Take a few torches/flashlights– so everyone has access to one, including your child/ren.
    10. Take a frozen meal–  like pasta Bolognese which helps keep the cool box cold and will gradually thaw out ready for the following evening meal.
    11. Buy some traditional tin mugs– thread string around the handle to stop handle getting too hot.
    12. Washing up supplies– Remember a couple of tea towels, dishcloths and washing-up liquid, plus a small bowl – all of which we forgot!
    13. Old towels– Take a couple of old towels to wipe moisture off the tent and wipe down the ground sheet when you pack up to go home.
    14. S’more ingredients– Do not forget the marshmallows for making S’mores!

      Happy Camping!

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