Camping with a Positive Attitude

Camping with a Positive AttitudeCamping requires a lot of forethought, from location to logistics, food to friends and tents to tactical teamwork. Sometimes, the details can overwhelm the fun of the trip!

With all the helps and hints – even technological advances – through the years that have made this American pastime so great, it has never been a more comfortable time to camp. From fifth wheels, campers, trailers or good old-fashioned tents with sleeping bags, camping comes in many shapes and forms and in varying levels of “comfort”.

Despite this, camping is still an adventure. Trials on the trails and meltdowns over S’mores are bound to happen. So what makes for a great trip today? Our Attitude. A good one.

There’s really no reason not to have a good attitude during camping because we’re supposed to be having fun. Here are a few things to remember to keep camping with a positive attitude when the trip seems a bit laborious or lacking that satisfactory zing.

Keep your Camping Attitude Positive:

1. Dirt is Necessary

Remember this. Anywhere, anytime and anyplace, dirt is just a part of the camping experience. I’m sure that you already know this, but a reminder can’t hurt. Dirt is everywhere and it’s going to be alright. Try to remember that this is “camping” in all its glory. Dirt is just part of the fun. (Yes, I said fun).

2. Just Say “Okay”

Relax. It’s a vacation! Be easy on yourself and say okay to most decisions. When we get back home, and all parties involved have showered, then is the time to pound the gavel; time for rules, to return to civilization … just like everyone else. But until then, lighten up and have a good time. Let things go, say yes and keep things simple.

3. Keep Electronics to a Minimum

Do you want a relaxing camping trip? Well stay away from your phone if you can. Electronics are responsible for a big part of the stress we’ve heaped upon ourselves. We aren’t keeping up with the Jones’ in the mountains. The fewer the gadgets, the happier we’ll be – less noise, fewer things to charge, more real family time.

4. Accept the Bugs

Really. This is about accepting nature for what it really is: Natural. So, bugs and animals, in their habitat, are going to be a part of your temporary stay. Remember, we’re guests in their home. Get over it.  And when we’re back within four walls and a roof, then maybe think about getting an exterminator if the ants are still circling your bed.

Camping with a positive attitude, one that is forgiving, relaxed, unplugged and accepting, makes the best camping trip. And trips that are fun are memorable. Isn’t that what we all want?

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