Going Over the Pond? Here Are the Top UK Tourist Destinations

Going Over the Pond? Here Are the Top UK Tourist DestinationsIt’s far more than just quaint cottages, red phone boxes and endless cups of tea. England has some of the world’s most interesting places for tourists to visit. Here are five of the most popular.

Top UK Tourist Destinations:


Perhaps most obviously, the UK’s capital has a huge amount going on and it’s a fantastic place to go to on any budget. There are stunning attractions such as Buckingham Palace, with its historic royal collections and the London Eye, which offers the very best views of the city. But if you’re on a tight budget there are world-class libraries and museums with more than enough to entertain the whole family. The British Museum and Natural History Museum are particularly interesting. Of course, no trip would be complete without a walk past the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and the banks of the Thames. Visitors interested in the more gory aspects of the past will love the London Dungeons, a ghost walk or the Tower of London.

The Lake District

Beatrix Potter’s favourite area of England is an oasis of calm but there’s also plenty to do here. There are boat trips on the lakes, as well as windsurfing and kayaking and lovely little towns and villages full of charm and gorgeous independent shops. During the summer, there are arts festivals and theatre performances but at any time the natural beauty of the area is certain to capture your heart. Potter isn’t the only famous author who found inspiration in the area. Wordsworth’s house and grave are worth a visit, as are the stone circles, Roman forts and historic Muncaster Castle, with its owl centre and lovely gardens.


For many, Oxford is the university, boat races and beautiful architecture. It is this and so much more. The city hosts the UK’s oldest botanic gardens, with over 7000 species and fans of Philip Pullman will love spotting parts of Oxford mentioned, in this world or another, in his books. The famous buildings are a constant lovely backdrop, ranging from the Saxon era to our own time, with museums, the university and the churches as some of the highlights. Film crews and tourists love the city centre for its beauty and the shops are a big draw too. The University Natural History Museum draws over 300,000 visitors a year and is a brilliant day out for the family.

Going Over the Pond? Here Are the Top UK Tourist DestinationsBrighton

One of the UK’s most popular seaside resorts, Brighton is a fun blend of history and modern seaside attractions. Regency gardens and a world-famous Victorian pier co-exist happily with arcades, fairground rides and, of course, fish and chips. There’s plenty to amuse everyone. The pebble beach is popular for water sports, beach games and simply exploring for sea creatures. There are festivals and events all year round and the night life is very popular with those who love to go out on the town. It’s an ideal location for any family or group of friends.

The Cotswolds

The gentle hills and lovely buildings nestled into the hills are some of the first things that strike you about this stunning area of England. Much of the historic wealth of the area came from sheep and this is evident in its churches, fields and even some place names. The Cotswolds, though, cover quite a large area of the country and different parts have different qualities, all well worth exploring. Each town has its own hidden treasures and the rural walks are peaceful and beautiful. Museums, farm parks and historic homes and gardens, each with their own secrets, provide perfect days out.

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