How to Make a S’more

How to Make a S'more

Let’s Have S’more Fun

If you have never experienced a S’more, you haven’t lived yet. S’mores are a tasty treat most commonly enjoyed outdoors over an open fire. It seems as though S’mores have existed forever; no one really knows when they were invented or who came up with this genius dessert. From my personal experience I would say that S’mores are best when sitting around a campfire while camping with friends or family. Nothing tastes quite as good as a messy S’more while sitting around the campfire at night with good company. So, if you’ve never had a S’more there are no more excuses, here is how to make a S’more.

Cooking S’mores Over the Campfire

Ingredients Needed:

  • Graham Crackers broken into squares (such as Honey Maid Graham Crackers)
  • Large Milk Chocolate Hershey bar (or another milk chocolate bar)
  • Large Marshmallows ( not the flavoured ones)

Equipment Needed:

  • Aluminum cooking sticks or long, thin but sturdy wooden sticks (tree branches)
  • Campfire, bonfire, fire pit or open flame BBQ


S’more Preparation

  1. Build your Campfire.
  2. Get your metal roasting sticks or gather some long, thin and sturdy wood sticks from the forest near you.
  3. Remove any bark from wooden sticks and make sure the point is sharp enough.
  4. Sterilize the end of the sticks by putting the pointed end of the stick in the campfire flames.
  5. Prepare all your ingredients: Break your chocolate up into squares of two and your graham crackers in half along the dotted line to make 2 squares. Take one square of graham cracker and put the two squares of chocolate on it.
  6. Put 1 large marshmallow on the tip of your stick and push it on far enough so it wont fall off.

Roasting your MarshmallowRoasting a Marshmallow over Campfire

  1. Have your marshmallow over the campfire so it gets very hot but does not touch the flames. Or put your marshmallow very close to the burning embers of the wood in the fire.
  2. The idea is to roast your marshmallow until it is hot and golden brown the whole way around. You do not want it to touch the flames or it will ignite into a ball of flaming fire.
  3. If your marshmallow does catch fire do not swing it around trying to put it out. Slowly bring it in towards your mouth and calmly blow it out. Please be safe when roasting marshmallows, many fire accidents are campfire related.

Get Ready to Enjoy

  1. Once your marshmallow is golden brown, lay the hot marshmallow onto your prepared chocolate on the graham cracker square.
  2. Pull the marshmallow off the stick using the other square of graham cracker.
  3. You should now have a S’more sandwich consisting of  from the bottom: graham cracker, chocolate, hot marshmallow and a graham cracker top. Give it a good squish to smash all the gooey ingredients together.
  4. “Dig your teeth into the crunchy crackers and warm melted gooey marshmallow & chocolate and savor that moment of pure bliss”.

  5. Allow your S’more a minute to cool off so you don’t burn your mouth trying to inhale it. (I warn you it will be hard waiting while your S’more cools as they are incredibly tempting).
  6. Once your S’more is not piping hot but still warm and the chocolate squares are warm and melting, your s’more is ready to be devoured.
  7. Dig your teeth into the crunchy crackers and warm melted gooey marshmallow & chocolate and savor that moment of pure bliss. Be aware that the marshmallow likes to squeeze out the sides and make a mess.

The Aftermath

  1. You will need to have either hand wipes or baby wipes on hand to help keep up with the inevitable mess that will be all over your fingers and face.
  2. Be quick to get another marshmallow roasting as soon as possible, as the ingredients go extremely fast. If you are making S’mores with others, consider it a race, if you’re too slow you won’t get enough s’mores.

Now you know how to make a S’more and trust me you’ll be glad you do! They are so much fun to make and you’ll always want “some more”.

Enjoy kids!

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