Camping Tips for Kids and Easy Cooking

Camping Tips for Kids and Easy CookingAfter several years of camping with my kids I have learned a few things that should help make your next family camping trip a bit easier. Here are my camping tips for kids and easy cooking:

Bring a Large Enough Camping Tent for the Kids

The most important thing that you must take on a camping trip, is a tent. It must be large enough to put your bedding in, plus have enough room to move around in. This is especially true if you have small children, as they will become very bored when the bugs come out in the evening, and you zip them up in the tent, and all they have to do is lay in bed. They become crabby out of boredom, and this causes stress on the parents.  Bring books for the children…a lap-top computer, so they can play games, work crossword puzzles, or just listen to music. This makes the evening FUN.

Tips to Make Camp Cooking Easy

Camp cooking can be done at home before you leave, for the most part, because the whole idea of camping is to get away and relax. I always bring a potato salad, in a plastic covered bowl, as it goes with most any meat. I also bring Kentucky Fried Chicken, stored in a plastic covered bowl, as it keeps well when placed in an ice chest. Boxes of cereal is a must, and I bring powered milk to go with it. It can be mixed quickly with cold water. I buy bananas, some ripe, and some fairly green, so we can have them the entire time we are camping. Other fruits satisfy the children also, and can be easily kept on ice.

Two Tasty Camping Recipes:

Fried Eggplant

I insist on cooking just two different food items when we go camping. Eggplant is one of them. There’s just something about eggplant, that is coated in buttermilk, salt, pepper and a little flour, and fried in lots of hot oil, over an open fire.  Yum!

Vegetables and Chicken

The other item is: Small peeled potatoes, cut in half, finger carrots, wedges of onion, slices of green bell peppers, and pieces of raw chicken, all wrapped up in heavy aluminum foil together, and placed on the grill, for about half an hour. This gives you your entire meal, with little mess to clean up later. It is mouth watering good!!

So, there you have my camping tips for kids and easy cooking. Go camping….but remember.  It is suppose to be FUN….not hard work!!!

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