5 Camping Supplies to Bring

Camping Supplies to BringDon’t you just hate it when you forget something really important when you go camping. Or when you wish you had prepared better and done something differently? Well, here I will share my 5 camping supplies to bring with you when you go camping. This way hopefully, you won’t have those I shoulda, woulda, coulda moments…

Camping Supplies to Bring when Camping.

1. The Kettle or Flask and a very Warm Jacket

When you’re camping and it’s cold,  wet and windy, and all you want to do is get home, make a hot cup of tea and a warm jacket can do wonders to improve your mood.

2. The Warmest Sleeping Bag Possible

See the above reason, and remember, when you’re camping it can get very cold at night. So, you  might be looking snazzy in your brand new Fred Perry pajamas, but when you’re in the hospital for two weeks fighting hypothermia, you might regret the whole sexy leg thing, and wish you had the sleeping bag that was ugly and brown but very warm. Not the bright, pink one that had the flowers on it. Yeah, sure it looked cool.

3. A Strong Camping Tent

Once, I was on a camping trip, and it was WINDY. Almost like someone was literally chucking air through our tent. I am not exaggerating when saying I was scared for my life. The next morning, when I saw a couple sleeping in their sleeping bags, their tent strewn on other people’s collapsed tents, I went and bought a new, strong tent the next day.

4. Books:
Books are a great way to relax and pass time when camping. Books are interesting, fun and exciting, especially when it’s raining.

5. The Most Important Thing you could ever need for Camping – Hiking Shoes

Your feet do the walking and the hiking – wear those brand new converse’s and for starters, they will be ruined, and after that, your feet will never be the same. When your camping and out and about exploring you need some reliable, comfortable sturdy shoes. They may not look great but they will protect your feet from the weather and the rugged landscape. Don’t be a fool and choose fashion over functionality the wilderness is unforgiving. Don’t forget the fluffy socks.

Those are my 5 camping supplies to bring. If you’re looking for a complete camping checklist for you to work off of to ensure you pack everything you need for your camping trip be sure to check out the camping checklist. The camping checklist has just abut everything you could possibly need plus more to help you prepare for your camping trip.

Camping is great fun..just don’t forget the essentials!

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