2013 October

The Best Camping Companions Thumbnail

The Best Camping Companions

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself... "Who out of my friends would make the best camping companions?" I have been camping many times, with many different people. There are so many different kinds of camping trips ranging from a family camping holiday, to an excuse to have a drink, lots of fun and a wild time with friends. When deciding who to go camping with you should always think of

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What to Look for in Caravan Insurance Thumbnail

What to Look for in Caravan Insurance

Given the fact that economic depression and social unrest continues to impact on countries across the globe, it is little wonder that a growing number of British holiday makers are now looking to travel, come rain or shine, within the boundaries of the UK. With popular tourist resorts such as Egypt, Greece and Cyprus particularly badly hit, the concepts of camping and summer caravan holidays h

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How to Survive your First Camping Trip Thumbnail

How to Survive your First Camping Trip

These tips from a fellow female first-timer will help you learn how to survive your first camping trip: At some point in your life, you will find yourself standing in the rain, in the middle of a field clutching a bowl of partially cooked baked beans and wondering what you're doing with your life. Whether it’s because your family want to ‘get back to nature’, or your partner wants to see

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3 Things to Make Your Camping Trip Go Smoother Thumbnail

3 Things to Make Your Camping Trip Go Smoother

A vacation would not be a vacation without some small glitch here or there. If you favourite mode of vacationing happens to be camping then there are endless additional opportunities for little things to go not quite as well as planned. While things like unpredictable weather or the “worst mosquito hatch in 50 years” cannot be avoided, these small tips may help smooth some potential bumps that

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