Camping Mishaps on Lake Garda, Italy

This is a guest post by Lucia, a keen traveller and first time family camper. She is also aspiring to start her own family travel blog. Have a chuckle and share in common events that take place on Lucia’s first family camping experience in Italy.

Camping Mishaps on Lake Garda, ItalyDuring the school holidays I went on my first camping trip with my husband, my two children and my rabid dog to the beautiful Lake Garda in Italy. While the location was something out of a dream the whole camping experience was at times an unmitigated disaster.

Below I’ve listed some of those camping mishaps, hopefully you can learn from my misery.

My Camping Mishaps on Lake Garda, Italy:

Decked by a Chair

Before going camping my husband kindly gave me the task of buying some deck chairs as well as some camping accessories. It’s fair to say teaching isn’t the most lucrative career but my decision to the buy our deck chairs from the pound shop is one I now regret. It was only the second day when reading through my latest novel the deck chair suddenly collapsed from under me only to be followed by eruptions of laughter from my caring husband and children.

Marshmallow Meltdown

With our careful supervision the children toasted some marshmallows on the campfire. On one occasion a marshmallow became engulfed with flames and in a mad panic my youngest son threw it in the direction of our dog, which steadily picked up the stick and of course the flaming marshmallow before running in the direction of our tent. Luckily, the marshmallow melted and fell off the stick before our dog entered the tent.

Light my Fire

On our first night, my husband, with his caveman like behaviour took charge of the fire. He had the kids collect the perfect fire wood and began constructing his masterpiece; I sat back in amusement a little smug knowing what was likely to happen or not in this case. After 40 or so minutes all he had summoned were a few measly sparks, I was getting hungry and so were the kids. Somewhat dejectedly he reached for the lighter fluid and within seconds he had it lit. Men, please don’t think you are Bear Grylls, it’s chilly and we’re hungry just get the lighter fluid and don’t be a hero.

Digital Switch Off

We let our eldest son take his new portable game console on the trip this was more to keep him entertained while travelling in the car. One day we decided to go hiking and we let him pack his own bag including a water bottle, chocolate bar, sandwich, another chocolate bar and unknown to myself and my husband his portable game console. Like all young teenagers he was at the back flagging, however, what we didn’t know was that while he was climbing over rocks and boulders he was also playing on his portable games console, impressive multitasking until he slipped and cracked his screen, he won’t be getting a new one.

Domestic Enemies

My husband the ever practical joker, thought it would be funny to move our tent while I was sleeping in it, right up against a wall. I woke up blurry eyed haven’t not slept very well due to the very raucous wildlife and climbed out of the tent head first straight into a stone wall. Be very wary of practical jokers, camping brings the worst out in them.

I’ve now got a cracked head, sore backside and an even grumpier teenage son. Maybe I’m a little crazy but despite all of the calamities experienced during our Lake Garda holiday I would still go back. Life is about creating stories and camping facilitates this beautifully, hopefully for myself and my family this is just the beginning, chapter one.

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3 responses to "Camping Mishaps on Lake Garda, Italy"

  • Oh my, this was a great story! I literally laughed out loud at the visual of the dog running with the flaming marshmallow on a stick!

    (And, um, I *may* have had a chair break on me this last camping trip. Possibly.)

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I know, I love that part too! It’s funny because you can actually see that happening along with her other real life moments. This is a great article sharing experiences we can all somehow relate to. Thanks Lucia for the excellent guest post!

  • I love stories of camping mishaps! My older kid would also totally play a video game while hiking, and we also cheap out on chairs – we just grab some broken ones from the backyard and hope for the best. Thanks for the laughs.

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