3 Things You Must Take on a UK Fishing Trip

During the recent global recession, the rate of British citizens travelling abroad plummeted by 15%. UK residents instead decided to spend their time holidaying within the confines of Great Britain, and this trend has continued during the subsequent economic recovery. It appears as though British citizens have rediscovered their love of the island nation during this time, with seaside escapes, country retreats and fishing expeditions among the most popular types of getaway.

3 Things You Must Take on a UK Fishing TripIn terms of the latter, there are a number of picturesque destinations and quaint lodges located throughout the UK. While the choice of fishing resort or camp site may be entirely personal, however, the list of things to pack for your trip remains largely unchanged. Aside from your rod and necessary medications, however, what other items will you need to enjoy a memorable trip? Here are 3 things you must take on a UK Fishing Trip:

3 Things to Take on Your Fishing Trip:

  • Old Shoes and Trousers: While this may seem like a strange inclusion on your fishing trip inventory, old shoes, flip flops and trousers are crucial additions to your suitcase. This is because there are a number of lakes and waterways where fisherman may be required to wade, which in turn means that they will need to immerse the bottom part of their body in water. In order to save their best fishing gear, it may be wise to carry old clothing that would otherwise have been discarded.
  • Waterproof Gloves: This item is easily overlooked by fishing enthusiasts, especially those who are keen to pack an array of rods and the most suitable bait. The inclusion of waterproof gloves is crucial, however, as constant exposure to water can cause damage to your hands and its joints over time. In order to ensure that your hands remain warm, dry and safe from the threat of damp, it is imperative that you remember to pack new and durable waterproof gloves that are fit for purpose.3 Things You Must Take on a UK Fishing Trip
  • Insect Repellent: Regardless of your exact destination, remember that you will be spending the majority of your fishing trip standing at the waters edge. If you are someone who lives in-land and remain far-removed from the coast during your everyday life, the chances are that you will encounter some insects and creatures that you are unfamiliar with. This means that insect repellent is a crucial item for your suitcase, especially if you are to resist nasty bites and irritating rashes.

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