Camping Supplies for Music Festivals

Camping Supplies for Music FestivalsI don’t think of myself as a real camper as I only camp at Glastonbury, UK and other music festivals; but, eleven festivals later (including two with a toddler), I have worked out some things that might be useful to you on your own camping trip.

Camping Supplies for Music Festivals:


Firstly, pack a pillow – put it in a bin liner (garbage bag) and tie it with string to your backpack.  It won’t weigh anything and it’ll improve your life immeasurably.

Rain Boots

Secondly – in the UK at least – your Wellies (rain boots) are your friends and they need to come with you, as does the rest of your waterproof clothing.


Thirdly – Only take a change of clothes for every other day – but clean underwear for every day!

More Essential Camping Supplies:

  • Bin liners (which act as refuse bags, ground mats, rain coats and much more)
  • Sun cream
  • A bottle for refilling with water
  • Snacks that can’t melt (like biscuits, nuts, etc.)
  • Toothbrush and a towel
  • Baby wipes (preferably biodegradable ones) – loads of them; they’ll clean everything, everywhere!

Nothing else is really needed when camping apart from a sense of humour and a sense of fun! Just trust me on the Baby wipes!

Happy camping!

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  • Dave says:

    I always take my iPod dock with me while out camping or at a festival. It’s great when you can pump some tunes!

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