Camping in Louisiana USA

This is a guest post by Aaron Garcia, an adventure seeker who often takes family vacations to Louisiana thanks to its great outdoor attractions. He loves staying at the campground in Robert, LA, because of its proximity to family attractions in New Orleans.

Camping in Louisiana USALouisiana’s Natural Outdoor Beauty

When it comes to camping and traveling in the great state of Louisiana there is more to tempt visitors that the exciting city of New Orleans. While any visit to Louisiana should include at least a short jaunt in that party city, there are lakes, swamps, plantations and bike paths  aplenty that offer a more natural and beautiful view of the state. Full of beauty and wildlife, Louisiana parks and recreation areas are the perfect place to spend a camping vacation. Here are some of the best areas to visit during your next camping trip or day outing.

Camping in Louisiana USATake a Canoe Trip to the Swamps

One fifth of the state area is comprised of water features that offer endless exploration opportunities. The water recreation opportunities are not like those of other states. Many states boast of fast moving rivers and white water rafting trips, but in Louisiana you have the chance to enjoy the majestic setting of placid waters that are home to hundreds of different kinds of plants and birds. A canoe ride in the rich waters of Louisiana means paddling underneath a canopy of wetland trees, spotting egrets, and perhaps brushing by an alligator or two. There are many places to enjoy Louisiana’s waterways, but one of the best areas for canoeing and birdwatching is Lake Fausse Pointe State Park. Making Lake Fausse your home base for water exploration is a great way to spend a family vacation. Open year round, the Lake Fausse Pointe State Park offers canoe rentals for reasonable day or hour rates. Canoeing is a great way to explore the natural beauty of Louisiana. The quiet meandering waters are home to so much lush green beauty that several days can easily be dedicated to paddling through this wet green maze of hidden delights.

Camping in Louisiana USAPack a Fishing Rod

Fishing is one of America’s favorite pastimes and in Louisiana there is an abundant supply of fish for fishers of all skill levels. One of the greatest ways to enjoy all the fish Louisiana has to offer is by taking a chartered fishing trip. Hackberry Charters provides all you could want in a chartered fishing trip. Operated out of Calcasieu Lake, your trip includes fishing poles, bait, fishing licenses, fish cleaning, and much more. Charter fishing is a great vacation for the whole family, fathers and sons, old college buddies or coworkers looking for a break from the office.

Camping in Louisiana USATour a Plantation

Plantation and fort tours are necessary when visiting Louisiana. Established in 1812 as a state, Louisiana is home to many old-time plantations and Civil War forts. The majority of the sites are located in plantation country and the crossroads country. Places like Rosedown Plantation will give you a perfect picture of what life was like over 100 years ago in plantation society. Walking tours of the gardens and forested areas provide an enjoyable outdoor excursion, while a tour of the plantation home enlightens you to all the wonderful historical facts preserved in this area. The nearby Port Hudson offers a look into Civil War life. Known as the site of the longest siege in American Military History, Port Hudson is a great area to explore. You can visit battle sites, tour the museum, watch battle re-enactments or climb to the top of an observation tower. Aside from the rich historical activities, you can also enjoy a six mile hiking trail that will take you through the beauties of the port.

New Orleans may still remain Louisiana’s biggest draw for tourists and vacationers, but this wonderfully diverse state offers many alluring activities and areas worth exploring on your next stay.

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  • I read and watch a lot about New Orleans. First, because of the Mardi Gras, second, because of its history in connection to plantations. And of course, the Disney cartoon, Princess and the Frog. LOL. I think the outdoors in this place will be amazing. Would love to go visit the swamps.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    I know! Why is there something appealing about going to a swamp? I still have yet to go to a proper American swamp – Can’t wait! 🙂

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