Yoga for Camping

Yoga for CampingWhether you have an inflatable Therm-A-Rest, a Ridge Rest sleeping pad, or a bed of moss, chances are you are going to wake up from a night under the stars with some cricks and cranks in your neck and back.

But before you sling your backpack over your shoulders for a long day of hiking, try a couple of these easy yoga poses to ease tension and support a healthier body while camping.  In doing so, you’ll have a more effective and enjoyable wilderness experience. I’ll share with you some yoga for camping:

Yoga Stretches for Camping

First, find a comfortable seated position. Use your sleeping pad as a cushion. Straighten your spine and take a few deep breaths. Gently guide your right ear toward your right shoulder, but make sure your shoulders remain relaxed. Take a few breaths here. For more stretch, reach your left arm away from you at a 45 degree angle. Slowly come back to neutral and then switch to the other side.

Next, move to all fours so that your hands are shoulder width apart and your knees are hip width apart. On an inhale, drop your belly and lift your chin for “cow pose”. On your exhale, round your back and tuck your chin for “cat pose”. Do this for several breaths; each time you inhale find more space in your chest and shoulders. Each time you exhale, press into the ground to find more opening between your shoulder blades.

These two simple yoga stretches for camping will help you to relax the muscles that usually hold a lot of tension. And you don’t just have to do them in the morning. Anytime your pack feels too heavy, or you notice yourself slouching around the campfire, these poses will keep your spine supple and strong.

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