Camping in Maryland During Hurricane Season

Camping in MarylandMy husband and I decided to go on an extended trip, camping in Maryland for vacation. We went camping near Upper Marlboro, Maryland, not realizing that it was hurricane season. My husband was informed by the camp office staff that there would be a hurricane passing through the area within the next few hours. They suggested that all campers in the higher ground area move their trailers to the local Wal-Mart several miles up the road and park them in a circle to ride out the storm. We had already planned to move our trailer to another spot in the lower part of the campground that day. Our trailer is a 24 ft travel trailer. I cannot remember if they did not inform us in time or some other reason, but we did not get our trailer moved before the storm hit. We did not have time to block the wheels before we heard the wind coming our way, either. This is something everyone needs to do when a storm is coming,  because like any wind, it can tear your trailer apart.

Surviving the Hurricane

As it turned out, the wind did not carry us or the trailer away in it, but you better believe that the next time we will get the wheels blocked before the storm hits. The only damage we received was a tree limb that came down across the propane tank cover. However my crazy husband went out during the storm to move our car that had a tree next to it that looked like it would come down. Fortunately for us the tree did not come down, even though the winds were very heavy that day. One month later we took another vacation camping in Maryland, our car had broken down so we were using a rental car. On the second day there was a heavy wind in the area (not a hurricane) and that same wobbly, suspicious tree fell across the windshield of the rental car. Which brings me to…

My Advice to You:

  • Move all vehicles away from possible falling trees in the bad weather.
  • Make sure you go to an area where there are no trees, such as the Wal Mart we were suppose to go to.
  • It is also wise to block your wheels in a storm.

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2 responses to "Camping in Maryland During Hurricane Season"

  • eepster Gal says:

    I am a hammock camper…I have spent the last 15 months camping out (I sold my house and put my profit into gold and possessions into storage). I have been comfortable through storms, snow and ice, -10 degree weather and 110 degree weather (well, no one is comfortable at 110 but at least I have a bug net). Now Hurricane Irene is set to hit in a couple days…this should be interesting! Of course, I might have to deploy with my SMAT but if not I will be recording my experience to post for others.

  • Kaitlyn says:

    WOW that is quite the story! I hope you made it through the Hurricane alright. It sounds like you have lived through some exciting adventures. We would be honored if you would share some of your expertise and experiences in either a guest post or through our writing contest. Hope to hear more form you!

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