Camping First Aid Checklist for Your Dog

Firt Aid Kit Cheklist for your Dog While Camping

I recommend buying a First -Aid Kit For Dogs and then adding the following contents to the kit.

Your Dog’s First-Aid Kit Should Include:

  • Antiseptic/ Rubbing Alcohol (To clean and disinfect wounds)
  • Coated Aspirin (For dog to ingest if in pain. Do not give dog regular aspirin and use extreme caution)
  • Butterfly Bandages (To close wounds)
  • Gauze
  • Waterproof Surgical Tape
  • Vet Wrap (Will stick to fur better than tape without pulling out hair)
  • Tick Tweezers, Tick Key
  • Tick Release
  • Ear and Eye Drops (A little Ottomax and Terramycin)
  • Kwik Stop/septic powder (To stop bleeding)
  • Sock (To put over paw if cut/injured)
  • First Aid Gel for Pets
  • Foot Balm to protect paws in harsh cold/hot weather

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Author: Kaitlyn
(The CampTrip Team)

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