Make a Camping Checklist and Check it Twice

Make a Camping ChecklistWhenever we go camping–we’ve camped across the United States from Oregon to Ohio and back–we first make a camping checklist of all the camping supplies we need to take.

Prepare for the Unexpected

I check things off the camping checklist once as it’s packed and, a second time, in the camper to make sure it was loaded.  Sometimes I’ve packed things that my spouse ‘forgot’ to put into the camper or, went we’ve gone ‘tenting’ and forgot to put the tent in the back of the truck.
My spouse is responsible for the ‘heavy’ or ‘outdoor’ camp supplies and, though we trust one another, equipment can and does malfunction.  We’ve run out of propane in the middle of the night and had no heat. Fortunately I’d packed extra blankets!
On different occasions he had forgotten: the grill, the cooking stove, the propane lantern, to fill up BOTH propane tanks and even the plug that goes in our boat.  (Yes, it began sinking and we pulled it out.)

Camping Supplies for Your Camping Checklist:

  • Toiletries– We’ve camped where there are no facilities and, taking that into consideration, I pack extra toilet paper, moist towelettes, and hand sanitizer.
  • Drinking water– Not all water is drinkable so we carry a 5 gallon container of water … just in case.
  • Medication– An extra weeks worth of any medication taken regularly and/or a prescription is wise.  Our grandson has a sensitive stomach and allergies.  Pepto-Bismol, Allergra, sunscreen, bandages and a first aid kit goes everywhere with us.  If one is allergic to insect bites, carry a first aid kit … just in case.
  • Non-perishable food is essential when camping–  ALL food should be in sealed containers when visiting most places as bears, raccoons and other animals may be attracted to odors.
  • Keep your food cold and fresh– We freeze meat prior to camping and keep it refrigerated or in a separate cooler adding ice as needed.  We use a second cooler for cold drinks.  I prefer buying meat and perishables at the camping location to avoid food poisoning.
  • Reading material– If one is an avid reader, take books.  I draw and take photographs so I keep a drawing pad handy alongside my camera.  Take toys for youngsters, ipods, etc. but take hikes, fish, and share the joy of nature with them as well.

I am totally deaf. Our grandson, sixteen, is totally blind, has cerebral palsy, Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis) and an inoperable brain tumor. My husband is hearing impaired yet loves to camp. If we can have fun and enjoy the outdoors, anyone can. Just remember to make a camping checklist! Have fun!

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