Poem: Summer’s Coming

Poem: Summer's Coming

Summer’s coming
Pre planning
Site booking
Rucksack packing
Tent Erecting
Level pegging

Summer’s coming
Alfresco dining
Charcoal sizzling
Man does cooking!
Burger burning
Mouth watering

Summer’s coming
Ice cream melting
Lager warming
Salad eating
Water running

Summer’s coming
Boot lacing
Trail Trekking
Shirt unbuttoning
Anti-bug spraying
Always perspiring

Poem: Summer's Coming

Summer’s coming
Lotion spreading
Bikini wearing
Others watching
Regular turning
Body tanning

Summer’s coming
Day tripping
Always queuing
Waiting waiting
Temper fraying
Traffic jamming

Breeze wishing
Temperature rising
Flower wilting
Grass browning
Done anticipating
Summer’s coming

Author: Patsy Collins

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  • Old Kitty says:

    Summer’s coming
    And this poem’s

    Ahem!! Well done, Patsy!! I love this poem – wonderful!! Take care

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