Camping Poem: Pitch’ure Perfect

Pitch'ure perfect Camping Poem

Camping Poem: Pitch’ure Perfect

Mallet .. tent pegs .. guy ropes .. check!
Kids ask in excitement, ”Are we there yet?”
Cars all packed and ready to go
rain or sun? No one knows!

We hit the road with smiling faces,
itching to explore brand new places!
Country lanes lined with trees
signs selling strawberries and delicious cream teas.

Time to pitch, unpack the car
an hours drive, now here we are!
Clear the ground of stones and sticks,
a brilliant job for my two kids.

Erect the tent, pull guy ropes tight,
might have a passing storm tonight?
Beds inflated, kettles on
fire ready for camping songs.

Marshmallows toasted, hot chocolate sipped,
Lanterns flicker to the sound of zips.
Warm and cosy in our beds,
looking forward to the week ahead!

Author: Rosie Austin
(The CampTrip Team)


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Rosie is the newest member of the CampTrip team and she loves to go camping with her two lovely young daughters. Rosie is out camping in and around the UK at any chance she gets. We love her fun personality, interesting writing and useful tips and tricks!

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