Christmas Camping Cheer Poem

The camping seasons at its end
Time to pack my kit away,
Carefully store it in a safe, dry place
Till spring returns again!

Long dark evenings drawing in
Christmas will be here soon
Before I pack my gear away…
Is there anything I can use?

I’ll fill my flask with coffee
And keep it close to me
As I stand for ages shivering
Whilst the kids choose the Christmas tree

Many members of my family
Will turn up at my door,
The beds have all been taken…
So they’ll be sleeping on the floor

The sleeping mats and sleeping bags
I’ll store in easy reach,
And when my guests get sleepy
They’ll have somewhere comfy they can sleep!

Many lights adorn the Christmas tree
A power surge is due
So just in case of an emergency…
I kept out the torches too!

And I’ll keep the headlamps handy
Just in case the power goes
A useful bit of my camping kit
That could be useful… who knows?

Camping chairs stand folded
In the corner of the hall
A perfect place to sit
When there’s just no room at all!

The cool box is invaluable
A place to store our beer,
Whilst camping its full of food and milk,
Now It’s full of Christmas cheer!

Author: Rosie Austin
(The CampTrip Team)


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Rosie is the newest member of the CampTrip team and she loves to go camping with her two lovely young daughters. Rosie is out camping in and around the UK at any chance she gets. We love her fun personality, interesting writing and useful tips and tricks!

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