Tips for Camping: Be Careful and Have Fun

Tips for Camping: Be Careful and Have FunCamping can be fun, but only if you know how to stay safe. Here are some tips for camping to get you through a delightful time in the wilderness:

Tips for Camping: Guidelines

  • When finding a clearing to set up camp, make sure it is free of ant piles, animal waste and fallen logs
  • Dig a hole and bury all wastes, such as unfinished food and human waste
    -bury wastes away from the camp area so as not to attract animals
    -bury wastes down wind from where your camp is and at least one hundred feet away from water.
  • Carry an extra bag for plastics and other wastes that cannot be broken down by the environment
  • When leaving your tent open at night, make sure you have a net covering the opening;  set  up a bug light to deter insects.
  • Always carry bug spray and sunscreen
  • Always wear jeans or long pants in wooded areas
  • Only swim in clear water so that you know what is around you
  • Carry enough dry foods to last twice as many days that you plan to be there
  • Keep an emergency phone on you
  • Carry a flare gun in your emergency kit
  • Keep flashlights and back-up batteries
  • I advise you do not go off exploring alone. If you do make sure at least one person knows where you are going and when you will return.
  • Ensure your campfire is fully put out (with sand or water) before you go to sleep. This will prevent forest fires and anything of your at camp from catching fire.
  • Make sure someone carries an instruction manual on Poisonous Plants and Mushrooms
  • Make sure a few people carry a hunting knife and that they know how to use it
  • And finally, have fun!

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