Out in the Wild: Do’s & Dont’s

Out in the Wild: Do's & Dont'sThere is no better way in the world, than camping, to get in touch with mother nature. The canopy of entwined branches and thick, green leaves, the carpet of the soft grass beneath you and the sight of the clear, blue sky is truly enthralling.
Of course, there is the buzzing of the bees and howling of the fox at night; not to mention the great growl of the bear, but all of this, coupled with the earthly smell of the woods and the sting of a mosquito on your arm, is the best way to get the feel of an ancient world.

Under the shade of the sky, you are no different than the people who lived eons ago. Just like them, you are alone with no one but the nature as your companion. However, as fun and recreational as camping out seems, it’s actually not the simplistic activity it’s usually made out to be. A lot of thinking, care, precautions and preparations are involved in the process.

Here is how you can get a gist of what camping is all about. What steps are required and what activities you HAVE to abstain from!

  • Firstly, you need a tent. It’s all good to sleep out in the wild, with the sky as your roof and the wind cooling you, but it’s important that you are able to ward off the fatal attacks of mosquito and such. This is only possible through the impenetrable barrier of a tent. Tents are easily available in almost all super stores, so you wont have much problem with finding one.
  • It’s also good to keep an insect repellent with you. This can be purchased from a drug store and can be applied on exposed skin, when in the form of a lotion. This way, you will be able to protect your skin!
  • Here’s another point; the true thrill of camping can only be achieved when you are completely dependent on nature to sustain yourself. So, take little food supplies and instead take a fishing rod that you can use for fishing, therefore, catching your dinner!
  • Another important thing that has to be taken care of is the matches and flashlights. It’s good to collect firewood and light your own fire with the help of matches. Don’t try to go all cave man and rub stones to create friction for fire. Out in the Wild: Do's & Dont'sJust use matches because that’s simple and safe. Rubbing stones doesn’t help.
  • Unless you are starring in a Hollywood movie. It’s also necessary that you carry flashlights. This way, you wont be immersed in darkness, after sun dark. you should also keep extra batteries so that you can replace them, if the need arises.
  • Don’t bother to take any other electronic items, like the telly or your PSPs or the whole purpose of a camping trip might be lost.

The prior mentioned information covers just a few aspects of camping. The whole experience is too diverse, enriching and thrilling to be restricted by a handful of rules. But,it is also true that the obedience of these rules will surely make your experience smoother through which you will truly have the time of your life! So, don’t forget to go Out in the Wild!


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