Invest in a Waterproof Tent

Waterproof TentMy rose coloured singlet stuck to the hollow of my back. I shifted myself onto my side, feeling the soft heat emanating from my burning cheek onto the palm of my hand. Just as I had begun to dream about being kissed by this really hot guy from some movie, I felt a hand shaking my shoulder.


“Hmm…w-h-a-t?” a small pool of drool trickled down my chin, sprung on by the events of my blissful dream.

“Just a little bit longer…” I managed to say, trying to stay focused on what seemed to be an episode from Gossip Girl. And no, I do not watch that show, I have just umm, heard about it.

“Vicky, you need to get up,” came the persisting voice of my best friend, Courtney.

Annoyed, as you can imagine, I sat up and peered one eye up at her. Her blonde curls were drenched in water and what seemed to be…mud.

“Oh my god!” I groaned, realizing what had previously been the true culprit of awakening me from my sweet dreams.

Invest in a Waterproof  Tent: Unless you Enjoy Swimming in the Morning

Rolling my eyes I put my hands on my back and felt the grainy, sticky imprint of mud. Turning around I saw that it had come through the paper thin floor of our tent. It was then that I spotted my camera bobbling up and down on the surface of a small pool of water in the corner. Picking it up, I tried to turn it on and too my utter and complete ‘horror’ the orange light would not show, regardless of how hard I pressed. Well, at least it hadn’t ruined my precious Gucci hand bag which I thankfully had put on the other side.

‘Note to self: Never bring anything with Gucci printed on it to a camping trip.’

“Well my camera’s broken.”

“Seriously?” Courtney spat. Her jaw dropped so low that at some point I thought it might fall off.

“No, Courtney, I just enjoy making up these things.”

“Just great! All our photos from the past three days, gone!”  she hissed.

As I pulled the tent zipper down, I could smell the bitter sweet smell of wet grass which tickled the tip of my nose, making me sneeze.

“How in the world can it have been raining when it’s like absolutely boiling at night?! This weather makes me so crazy!” I snapped, pulling my damp hair into a pony tail.

“This is Australia, baby!” Courtney said, with a big wide eyed grin on her face.

“I told you that we should’ve bought a waterproof tent, but you were like…”

“I know, I know…it never rains in Australia,” and at this we both started giggling like school girls.

Instead of going back to sleep we got into out bathers and went for a dip in the lake.

The Moral of the Story

So, this is what I learned from my experience: Even if you think it won’t rain during your camping trip, you should always try to buy a waterproof tent.  Always keep in mind to place your tent away from slopes or ditches and place a plastic tarp underneath it which will act as a water barrier. Or if you don’t have anything to put under your tent to protect you from the damp ground buy some yoga or camping mats to put under your sleeping bag.  This will at least keep you off the ground and prevent your sleeping bag from becoming a human sponge.  If you do all these things you’ll avoid the discomfort of mud and all the other problems that come from the joys of rain!

Enjoy your next camping trip kids!

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