How to Enjoy Camping If You Hate Camping

How to Enjoy Camping if you Hate CampingDo the words “camping trip” bring back bad memories? Do you wonder why anyone would willingly leave their comfortable bed to go sleep on a lumpy grass floor in a cold tent? While certain camping experiences will never be fun, they don’t need to ruin your attitude towards camping. Focusing on the positive experiences can change a bad trip into a great one. Here are my tips on how to enjoy camping if you hate camping.

Tips to Help You Focus on the Positive Experiences:

1. Bring a Camera

Taking pictures throughout the trip can help you focus on the things you like instead of the things that bother you. It can also help you remember the best parts of the trip, years later.

2. Go With People You Like

Many awkward or embarrassing experiences can happen while camping, especially if you are new at it. Going with people you know and trust can lighten the mood and help you relax when unexpected things happen.

3. Laugh Often

Inevitably, bad things happen. A bear may steal your food or your tent could flood. Remembering to laugh at the oddities of life can turn a bad experience into a humorous memory.

4. Keep a Journal

Writing down your thoughts throughout the trip can help you relieve your frustrations and express your appreciation for the things you enjoy. It can also help you track your progress as you learn to focus on good experiences.

5. Focus on the Big Picture

People go camping because they like to be inspired, awed, and humbled by the beauty of nature. While everything in nature is not beautiful (mosquitoes) most of it is. Keeping this in mind can help you focus on what you like about nature instead of what you don’t like.

Following these tips and learning what helps you individually to enjoy camping can greatly improve your vacations. Remember that you don’t have to enjoy every experience, but choosing to focus on the good experiences can turn a nightmare trip into fun memories.

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  • B says:

    Those are awful, just literally ignore all the reasons you hate it. How about how to convince others its just a pointless and meaningless idea. Especially in the desert when it’s almost 100 out.

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