Camping in Oman

Camping in OmanI was ten – just a kid by most standards – and had spent five hours in the old four-by-four the day before. So, you’re wondering where I was. I wasn’t sure myself. All I could see was a beach and the sea.

An Unfamiliar Land: Camping Oman

It had been a bit like a roller-coaster the day before, flying through the rough and unpaved wadis (dried up river beds) of the Arabian peninsula. In the back of the car the tents were thrown from side to side as Newton’s law took hold of them.
When we got to this secluded beach, the local fisher villagers came over, interested and intrigued by white man and his funny home-like tents. Children, teenagers and adults alike offered their helping hands to put up tents that they had never before seen. Unfortunately the tent poles were not quite study enough to survive their untrained handling.
It was that day that I learned the wonder of taking duct tape where ever you went. It is a wonder fix for broken tent poles.

Just Smile and Nod

That next morning was an experience unlike anything else, as the locals took us along to their annual boat races. Amazing to watch, although we didn’t understand a word of the Arabic with which they were cheering on their mates. I guess it always helps to know the basic language of the people who you will be staying near.

And then the festivities: breakfast. One man (there were no females other than myself and my mother there) brought in a large bowl, perhaps half a metre in diameter, filled with a white mush. I have never figured out what it was, but it seemed to be a regular on their menu. They offered us no utensils, instead led by example; hands straight into the food and scooping out a serving.
And so I learnt that when you go camping in Oman you have to be prepared to eat anything. And to make sure you take enough familiar food, so that you actually have something to eat when you can never possibly eat whatever else may be on offer. My advice for Camping in Oman – always take duct tape, learn a bit of Arabic BEFORE going, and be ready to eat anything.

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