Camping Nevada in Winter: Don’t Just Say It, Do It

Camping Nevada in WinterI was a Martial Arts Instructor. As such, we tried to keep our students interested in this activity through participation in various events. Almost every month we had movie nights or contests. Our fearless owner even suggested a camping trip. He suggested we go on a camping trip to the Valley of Fire, Nevada in October. This gave us until the end of the year to plan this camping event. Thus, our tentative schedule was to go camping in Nevada in winter at the end of January or the beginning of February.

We Planned and Prepared for Camping

Planning was easy. Most of our instructors loved the outdoors and camping. We planned to meet right after school on a Friday at our studio. We planned a pot luck and homework study, thus making sure that no one was sacrificing their school work to go. We had co-oped all the tents and supplies from our families. We had planned to rent a motor home for the leadership. We would return on the following Sunday afternoon.

It dawns on me now that many of you might think planning to put kids in tents at the end of winter would be a cruel test of endurance. Actually, our planned destination, The Valley of Fire, is located outside of Las Vegas, and is very comfortable during that time of year; not to mention it was reasonably close to our studio.

We had everything planned. Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going during the comfortable temperatures of winter.

Go Camping Nevada in Winter! Unless you Enjoy Being Cooked!

Please heed  my advise, “Don’t just say it, do it.” I say this because for all our planning, our fearless owner of the Martial Arts Studio procrastinated until the following July. Have you ever tried to sleep in triple digit heat? It was so hot that we had to buy squirt guns for everyone to stay reasonably sane.

We did survive two nights, but you have never seen a camp torn down faster by people eager to get home to some air conditioning.

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