Bringing Back the Bohemian, but Better.

Bringing Back the Bohemian, but Better.Camping seems to be of those things that fewer and fewer people do these days; but in an age that is simultaneously reviving everything from tartan trousers to neck-ruffles, there really isn’t a better time to get back into it, especially considering the (is it possible to write an article without mentioning this anymore?) current financial situation. This is why I am bringing back the bohemian, but better.

Classic Casual Camping

My family has always camped, and it came as somewhat of a shock to me to get to Uni and find that I was the only one of my flatmates who owned a tent! My first camping photo shows me in a nappy, plus teddy and other baby paraphernalia being bottle-fed by my rather bohemian looking mother; however she’s the only one in my family that you could comfortably fit the “b” word to; and when we go away we often end up with enough tents to surround the grandparents’ caravan with a regular army camp. This just goes to show that no matter how floral your tent is, you don’t need the matching personality or trousers to enjoy the wilderness. There’s also always the satisfaction of having successfully erected a tent from a pile of tangled poles, guy ropes and canvas – if you’re an adult and still using the tent from the only time you ever camped fifty-odd years ago  or if you’re the tech-savvy teen. The satisfaction of beating them to it (and therefore beating them to the pub) with the quick-click and pop-up tents that are so easy to get hold of today never gets old.  If it rains on the first night, there’s also nothing quite so impressive as managing to cram three generations into the one two sleeper caravan and shutting the door, but, by day two, everyone has always settled into their own little social spheres revolving around the playground, pub or camp-fire depending on age and inclination, and the miracle need never be repeated.

Bringing Back the Bohemian, but Better.What to Expect Whilst Camping

I’ve got to say then, that the top-tip for camping has got to be: Do it! Take the family, the playing cards and the raincoats – because the only reason that it will rain is if the forecast is set clear and you only brought one waterproof between fourteen. After that, camping is relatively easy. There will always be an old hat drifting around the campsite with a mallet, folding camp stool or some other indispensable “look-at-me-I’m-camping” equipment who will be happy to offer a third or fourth opinion on the proper way to cook sausages on the prim-us stove (yes, it may well be my Nana!). There will be a small child who wants to know if you’ve seen her mum, who will almost definitely be looking for their dog, or her husband – he will have popped down to the village shop to see what’s on offer (which will be nothing because, hey, it’s camping season and all the tourists with the newer tents have beaten you to it). This is where my other top-tip comes in. Be ready for Day One. Have changes of clothes and sausage rolls and the teddy-they-can’t-sleep-without on hand. Bring lots and lots and lots of baby-wipes, sun-cream and thermals. But by day two you won’t need to worry. Once you’ve unzipped the tent right in the middle of the part of country you came to see, no matter how much you should still need to do, you will be ready for anything.

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