Camping In the Back Garden – Well, Almost…

Camping In the Back Garden – Well, Almost…Camping in the back garden with your mates may not sound very scary but wait until you try it…

“Turn the light on! Turn the light on now!” It was Emma’s first time camping and so far, it wasn’t going too well. Unfortunately the garden light turned on when there was a movement and every 2 minutes it would switch off. After 5 seconds of hysterical screaming she would jump out of the tent and start doing a crazy dance. She would then dive back into the tent head first before anything could kill her. Of course I found this hilarious, which made her even more crazy.

So there we were, sitting in a tent, waiting for something to happen and then it did.

Pretty Much Paranoid

We heard something drop on the ground outside or tent. The three of use had very different reactions:

– Emma screamed

– Lily hid under the covers

– I laughed at them.

I guess that sounds kind of mean but it was really funny! Anyway, I poked my head out of the tent, just to check there wasn’t a murderer there. There was no one there so I got back into the tent and zipped it up.

A few minutes later there was another noise and the responses were very similar as they had been before. A second after that we heard a muffled laugh and footsteps. The three of us ran out of the tent together, only to see Lily’s younger brother’s bedroom window open. It was a big relief to know we weren’t going to be killed!

Unfortunately the experience was just too much for my friends and we dragged the mattresses into the kitchen and slept there for the rest of the night.

I guess I should save my camping trips for my braver friends…

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