How to Use a Wire Coat Hanger While Camping

How to Use a Wire Coat Hanger While CampingAn indispensable item for any camper the wire coat hanger has a multitude of uses. Here I will share with you  a few ways how to use a wire coat hanger while camping.

Uses for a Wire Coat Hanger While Camping:

  • Hang it from a traditional tent ridge pole and put your night things on it to air them out; plus, there’s more room in the tent and items are easier to find.
  • Use a branch or even a car mirror to hang the coat hanger and you have a natural dryer for those heavier items that tend to blow away from more fragile holders.
  • Cooking outside? Then hang food or small pots over the fire; but be sure to remember that the hanger will be hot.
  • Find cooking utensils or tools immediately by hanging them together outside your tent.
  • As a food store the hanger can be easily hooked over a branch; but don’t forget to bend the hook tightly round the branch to ensure maximum security.
  • Hook stale bread or food on your hanger and hook it in a tree to provide food for the birds and get rid of waste in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Are your children bored? Then pull down the bottom of the wire to form a natural, free hanging target to aim through.
  • Hook dog leads and collars safely out of reach of your enthusiastic pet.
  • A toilet or paper towel roll can be hung from the coat hanger for instant use.
  • Secure a lamp or flashlight so it can be used at a suitable height.
  • Unfastening the hanger gives you an instant supply of strong wire for those little jobs like fastening extra bags onto the bike or giving extra support to the baggage on the car.
  • Even a temporary hook for a fishing rod can be made from a coat hanger.

Those are some of the ways I’ve found a wire coat hanger useful when camping. So the next time you go camping take a wire coat hanger that can be folded for easy transportation. Like me, I’m sure you’ll find that a wire coat hangers uses are endless.

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