Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress Review

Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress ReviewIf you’re going on a camping trip it is VERY important to pack light! One of the things that takes up room and weighs a lot is an air mattress. Here I will share my Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress Review:

The Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress: A Great Buy

A “Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress” is lightweight and can be folded up very small. It weighs only 17 ounces, yet it is still as comfortable as a regular blow-up mattress.

I know you’re probably thinking, ” What about in the winter when the weather gets cold?”  Well, the “Vaude Ultra Light”  has a layer of insulation that will keep you very warm. It is also well-ventilated, which allows the cold air to flow out and the warm air to flow in, and vice versa.

Many people even use the “Vaude Ultra Air Mattress” when they climb really cold mountains because the mattress is reliable, extremely lightweight and it keeps them warm.

If you accidentally apply extreme pressure to the mattress, or if it is placed on something sharp, like glass, you won’t have to worry.  The “Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress” is extremely durable and it is designed to prevent tear.

I bought my “Vaude Ultra Light Air Mattress” for $60 and I think that it’s worth every penny!

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