When Nature Calls

When Nature CallsI don’t know if you know what a ‘SheWee’ is, and I’m not quite sure if I have recovered enough to tell you! Try breaking the two syllables down and using a bit of imagination. Well, I can barely bring myself to say this…
It was my second morning of trekking in the Indian Himalayas. About twenty four hours since I’d last seen a proper toilet, and I don’t know what I had been thinking, but I’d seemed to believe I was going to remain half-civilised about my toilet habits, or some insane idea like that; so I purchased a ‘SheWee’ back home.
Now, I had used it last night without any problems. I was getting confident. Cocky, even. I even bragged to the others in the mess tent that morning: “Should have bought a SheWee, girls. Have fun squatting over that heinous long-drop!”
Bragging and breakfast aside, I decided a toilet stop was in order before we set off. Our tents had been packed away, and our kit and rucksacks were tied to mules ready for a long day’s walking. I retrieved the item of horror from my day bag and made my way to the long-drop.
I seemed to think I was some kind of SheWee pro after having used it twice. It did not occur to me to concentrate whilst I was using it.

The long and short of it is, I basically peed all over myself!

I raced out of the long-drop, droplets of urine flowing freely down my legs, but it was too late. The mules carrying our bags and clean clothes had departed.
I trudged into camp, and finally managed to change into dry trousers… eight hours later!

This review speaks for all female urinary devices: it’s not worth the hassle, girls. They say the high mountains like the Himalayas have a lesson for everyone – and one thing the mountains taught me is that you are NEVER too good to squat.

Author: Alice Millington
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One response to "When Nature Calls"

  • dave says:

    If you can’t squat you shouldn’t be out there. That may seem harsh but I think makes a lot of sense. It sounds like you learned a good lesson though.
    Same goes for guys in the woods for #2. If you can’t dig a hole and squat you probably should be staying in a hotel.
    We actually use a portapody on some of our trips when they are required, but in most situations we are squating.

    Thanks for the article. I got a kick out of it since I have never before heard of a SheWee.

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