2011 July

Then and Now Camping Gear Infographic Thumbnail

Then and Now Camping Gear Infographic

We all know that camping has been around for centuries but we often forget how far it has come in that time. This is a great infographic by EMS comparing then and now camping gear. Sometimes getting back to the REAL basics are great. I'm sure glad we have advanced in some areas making camping a better overall experience. Check out the latest camping gear from EMS.com Enjoy camping in the

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Camping Spontaneous and Special Thumbnail

Camping Spontaneous and Special

Are you worried because your camping date is approaching but you haven’t yet planned or prepared for it? Don't work yourself into a frenzy getting ready for your trip. Remember; there are always Walmarts and other stores with supplies at almost every exit. Do your best to prepare what you’ll need but keep in mind, camping is supposed to be an adventure. Sometimes the most special and memorable

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