Torches for Kids

Going camping ends up being an adventure for young and old. For kids, a torch or flashlight is something magical which gives your camping trip a whole different ambience at night. Why not give them a kids torch – something fun to enjoy such as one of the below three.

There are several aspects to consider when buying a kids torch, so make sure you read our main article on Camping Torches which explains in more detail what to look out for. We also have a list of Best Torches for general use and High-End Torches.

A classic looking LED vintage metal pocket flashlight, ideal to give camping a rustic and vintage feel.

A great gift for kid’s that will provide hours of fun and safety whilst camping or around the home after dark… perfect for sleepovers! Bought one for my 5 and 3 year olds for camping trips. They have gone down really well – they love these flashlights.

The POWER plus Penguin is a hand-squeezing flashlight in the shape of a Penguin. The Penguin is very attractive and suitable for children, ideal as a night lamp, and educational at the same time. A great way to teach children not to use batteries but generate electricity by themselves. One squeeze gives you 5 minutes of light.

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