Best Torches for Camping

CampTrip has done the hard work for you by finding the best torches for your camping adventures. There are several aspects to consider when buying a torch, so make sure you read our main article on Camping Torches which explains in more detail what to look out for. This list of best torches for camping are more for general use, so feel free to also checkout Torches for Kids and High-End Camping Torches.

This great handy rechargeable torch has raving reviews on Amazon and is highly recommended. It’s a 5 LED dynamo flashlight with wind-up function and no replacement bulbs or batteries required. It can also be charged via USB. The battery life is 6 hrs light when fully charged from USB and 1 min winding gives 10-15 mins of light.

This powerhouse of a torch features 10 LEDs, bright white light, non flicker and less power consumption. Amazingly, it has an operation life of up to 100,000 hours! It comes with a UV light and red laser pointer. The flashlight is built from rust resistant aircraft aluminum – making this flashlight robust, reliable and light.

Headlights can be incredibly useful while camping, giving you both hands free for carrying or navigating your way into the tent. This lamps unique construction provides light that is super-bright to allow distant objects to be seen, while at the same time, maintains good lighting for close range work, or general moving around in the dark. It also comes with four light modes, which vary the brightness and therefore battery life.

Ideal for camping trips and can be used as a standing or hanging lantern or a torch. It is made up of a standard 18 Led torch, with a simple screw on/off lantern top with hanging handle. Simple one-button operations, press once for white light, press again for flashing red light, and again to turn off. These are just some of reasons it made it onto our best torches list, even though it’s a lantern.

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