My Tip to Prevent Mosquitoes

My Tip to Prevent MosquitoesWhat could you do this summer? A trip to Sardinia, Italy maybe. A beautiful country, great weather, clear seas. The camping there is quite straightforward. You could even do the same as I did.

Perfection is Bliss

You could arrive at the campsite and find the perfect spot. It’s quiet, the neighbors are not exactly next-door, and the toilet is far away enough not to smell, but close enough for a midnight sortie. You could get everything set up, the tent, the hammock, the barbeque. It would look pretty good. You could even go to bed, have a good night’s sleep and not even realize anything is wrong. But what’s that incredible itching all over your body?

That would be insect bites.

But Nothing Can Be Perfect, Right?

“How is that possible”, you think to yourself? Ok, it’s summertime, but no one else is complaining about flies, and we haven’t heard any other reports. And then you realize. You know that nice looking spot which was almost too good to be true? Yep, it’s right next to an irrigated field. You served up a delicious meal to those mosquitoes, and the neighbors were too far away to get bothered.

Well, you could do that; but I would advise against it!

My Tip to Prevent Mosquitoes/Insects From Feasting On You

Keep as far away as possible from Standing Water (water that is not constantly moving or sits for long lengths of time)

Do not set your camp up near:

  • Lakes
  • Swamps
  • Ditches
  • Irrigated Fields
  • Marsh Areas
  • Woodland Pools

You’ll want to keep away from wet or damp areas with pools of water, this is where mosquitoes lay their eggs and hatch. Still pools of  water are basically a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The closer you are to their breeding ground the more likely you are to be bitten. Rivers, so long as the water is flowing and moving is not such a worry but will likely be home to some mosquitoes.

So, there’s my tip to prevent mosquitoes. If your not keen on being eaten alive by wee little blood suckers I advise you stay far far away from standing/still water. This may not prevent them from staying away entirely while you are camping, but it will sure give you one hell of a fighting chance.

So the next time you want to donate blood you can voluntarily go to the blood-bank not the marshy campsite.

If you have some more tips or advice on how to keep the mosquitoes/bugs away we would love to hear from you! Please share your expertise in the comment box below.

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