Beware of the Critters When Camping

Beware of the Critters When CampingPut all Your Food Somewhere Secure and Out of Reach

Beware of the critters when camping! While camping a few years back in the state of Maryland my husband and I did not have anything to put all of our food items in. We had put our cold items in the ice chest, but did not think too much about leaving our other items out. These things mostly consisted of canned goods, potatoes and corn-on-the-cob. Not thinking that anything would happen to our would-be dinner food, we decided to go swimming in the camp pool. When we returned we found a big hole in our tent. Apparently the local squirrels got hungry; they not only ate a hole in our tent, but ate our corn and potatoes as well.

So, beware of the critters when camping (as corn and potatoes could just be their favourite meal).  If you’re still worried about unwanted visitors getting into your food supply, put the food in your vehicle, because animals just may eat through those Rubber Maid tubs as well.

Happy Camping!

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